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Why Self-Storage May Be Key to Domestic Bliss

When you’ve decided that living apart is no longer practical; paying two mortgages or two sets of rent, shuttling between one and another constantly and trying to remember where you’ve left everything; it’s time to move in together.

It’s a real relationship milestone and one that will significantly alter your day to day lifestyle. Sharing a space with someone will open up a whole new set of challenges and, notably, one of the most common sources of discontent and arguments is the amount of possessions each partner has in the shared property. Living alone allows you to accommodate a lot of personal possessions unabated and it is human nature to fill a vacuum. Once a partner move in, and brings their extensive collection of effects, the situation can become a little crowded. Therefore, de-cluttering is key!

Prior to the ‘moving in together day’, be really thorough in sorting through your possessions. For example, go through clothes and be realistic about what you really need, as you’ll need to give up hanging space, and consider pairing down on kitchen appliances as you’ll likely end up with duplicates of most things.

If there are items that are of no use and no sentimental attachment, throw them out, recycling or donating them to charity where possible. For items that are sentimental or have use but you just don’t need them every day; self storage will be the answer! This will allow you to access your possessions, and will also ensure they are stored somewhere safe and secure. It’ll also avoid any feelings of resentment about having to part with things and avoid the sheer wastage of throwing these items out.

So, if it’s domestic bliss that you’re seeking, take a look at our self-storage facilities or contact our head office (on 01902 714555 or sales@burkebros.co.uk) and we’ll gladly show around our site in Wolverhampton

August 2nd, 2019 | Categories: Blog