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Moving To U.A.E?


Emigrating To United Arab Emirates?

Here at Burke Bros Moving Group we have over three decades of experience relocating couples and families to the United Arab Emirates. With our long established overseas United Arab Emirates agents means your mind will be at rest with your relocation to the UAE. You’ll benefit from an experienced United Arab Emirates export packing team along from with our UAE Quarantine and Customs & Excise expertise. Plus, if required, UK Storage pre your UAE shipping.


Overseas Removals United Arab Emirates – Our Complete Coverage:

Moving to Dubai, United Arab Emirates?

Dubai is the most populous city and Emirate in the United Arab Emirates. With an estimated population of 2,106,000, and being the second largest emirate by territorial size, Dubai is located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the only two emirates that have veto power over critical matters of national importance in the country’s legislature, making it an important political city. The city maintains its cultural heritage, whilst growing at a rapid speed and has emerged as a global city and business hub for that region.
Official Website: http://www.dubai.ae/en/pages/default.aspx

Moving to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates?

Abu Dhabi is the largest of the United Arab Emirates but only has a population of just over 613,000, meaning it has a slower lifestyle than that of Dubai. Abu Dhabi lies on a T-shaped island jutting into the Persian Gulf from the central western coast. Its rapid development and urbanisation, coupled with the relatively high average income of its population, has transformed Abu Dhabi into an advanced metropolis. It is a major centre for political and industrial activities, as well as a major cultural and commercial centre, due to its position as the capital.
Official Website: http://www.dubai.ae/en/pages/default.aspx

Moving to Sharjah, United Arab Emirates?

Sharjah city is the capital of the Emirate of Sharjah. It is also the third largest and most populous city, with 85% of the 946,000 inhabitants in the entire emirate living there. The city is located along the northern coast of the Persian Gulf on the Arabian Peninsula. Sharjah is the seat of government of the emirate of Sharjah and has been ruled by the Al Qasimi dynasty since the 18th century. The city is a centre for culture and industry and alone contributes over 7% of the GDP of the United Arab Emirates.

Moving to Ajman, United Arab Emirates?

Ajman is one of the seven Emirates in the UAE and is the smallest by area covering just 260 square kilometres. Located on the coast of the Persian Gulf, Ajman also controls two small inland exclaves: Manama and Masfut, both of which are primarily agricultural. An estimated 95% of the population in Ajman live in the city of Ajman, which forms part of the Dubai-Sharjah-Ajman metropolitan area.

Moving to Umm Al Qaiwain, United Arab Emirates?

Umm Al Qaiwain is the second smallest emirate, with a total area of around 770 square kilometres. It is positioned in between the emirates of Sharjah and Ajman to the south and Ras Al Khaimah to the north. Umm Al Qaiwain has just 72,000 inhabitants and its primary source of income lies within agriculture and farming especially the fishing and date farming industry. After the union of the emirates in 1971 Umm Al Qaiwain has developed into a modern state and continues to progress to this day.

Moving to Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates?

Ras Al Khaimah is the most northerly emirate and covers an area of 1,700 square kilometres. Thanks to the run-off water from the Hajar Mountains it has a unique abundance of flora, meaning that agriculture is particularly important to the local economy. The emirate also benefits from its stone quarries and fishing, which is plentiful in the rich waters of the Gulf. The area is also famous for its exquisite pearls, which were famous for being the whitest and roundest available anywhere.

Moving to Fujairah, United Arab Emirates?

Fujairah is the only emirate without a coastline on the Arabian Gulf. It is situated along the Gulf of Oman and cover roughly 1,300 square miles. Unlike other emirates, where the desert forms a large part of the terrain, mountains and plains are predominant in its features. Fujairah has an approximate population of 152,000 residents and its economy relies heavily on fishing and agriculture.



Travel websites for UAE:
The United Arab Emirates Government Website in English

UK Government Travel Advice for living in the UAE

Expats Blog for UAE Lifestyle

These websites can offer good guidance when considering relocating to the United Arab Emirates. They also provide free and accurate information on a range of topics including before your shipment departs for UAE and when you arrive in the UAE.

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