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Moving house checklist

Burke Bros - moving UK?

Need some moving house tips? When moving home a moving house checklist is a must if you’re going to make your removals as smooth as possible. Some items on this checklist for moving house highlight the very real issues faced by children during the period of the move, along with areas of preparation you need to carefully consider along the way. 

Moving with Children:

checkbox_emptyTell Them Early – Tell your children about the house move as early as possible. Remember children are very quick to sense that something is going on.
checkbox_emptyTalk It Through – Take the time to talk with each of your children separately about the move and what it means to them.
checkbox_emptyAddress Their Concerns – Children should be encouraged to express any concerns they may have about moving and to ask lots of questions.
checkbox_emptyAdventure Time – Try to portray the move as an adventure with new and exciting experiences lying ahead, especially if moving overseas.
checkbox_emptyPacking Toys – Get your children involved in some of the house packing, in particular giving them the job of packing some, if not all, of their toys.
checkbox_emptySequence Of Events – Clearly explain the sequence of the moving day events to your children.
checkbox_emptyJust Like That! – Prior to the move, point out a Burke Bros Moving Group removal van to your children and explain to them in terms of “that’s what we’ll be doing”.

Planning Your House Move:

checkbox_emptyThe date – Arrange this as far ahead as possible. Avoid cancellation/postponements, which can be costly.
checkbox_empty Your new home – A map showing your new address and a contact telephone number is always helpful.
checkbox_empty Who to tell – Relatives and friends apart, there are a lot of people with a vested interest in your whereabouts. You’ll find some of them on our checklist.
checkbox_emptyMain services – Removal companies are not allowed to tamper with mains services. So make arrangements with your gas/electricity boards, well in advance.
checkbox_emptyDeep freezers – Run down food stocks. Although every care is taken, your removals person is not responsible for the contents.
checkbox_emptyCarpets/curtains – Check your quotation and/or service specification. Your removals professional will take down curtains/blinds by prior arrangement – but will not put them back up again or lay fitted carpets.
checkbox_emptySystem furniture – This can be difficult! In theory you are supposed to be able to dismantle and reassemble most system furniture. In practice, it never goes together again so well and can’t be covered by insurance. You can move it complete, but joints may loosen.
checkbox_emptyPacking – How much your removals company does depends on your quotation and/or service specification. If you are paying for a total service, best leave it to the professionals. The insurance does not cover items packed by you.
checkbox_emptyInsurance – Always insure your move for total peace of mind. It costs very little and protects you against the unknown. Remember that your insurance will not cover items you have packed yourself (another good reason for leaving it to Burke Bros Moving Group).
checkbox_emptySpecial attention – If you are concerned about moving any items such as plants, fine art, wine collections or antiques, discuss them with your removal company well in advance. They will advise you and give you an idea of cost.

Just Before Moving Day :

checkbox_empty Drawer – Leave drawers as they are but do not lock them. Avoid over filling chests, sideboards or drawers.
checkbox_empty Plan – Work out where you want your possessions in the new home – drawing a plan is helpful. Make sure someone is at the new house to show where things go.
checkbox_empty Parking – If there are restrictions at either house, warn your removals team. You need about 50 feet of parking for one removals van. It saves costs if the vehicle can park close to your property.
checkbox_empty Flats – You will need priority for the lift, if the lift is small (or non-existent) warn the removals team in advance – do not leave it until the van arrives.
checkbox_empty Unloading – You’ve seen the new house, your removals team hasn’t! Warn them about unexpected hazards such as poor access, small doorways, spiral staircases, or trees close by.
checkbox_emptySpare Key – It happens all the time – the removals van is at the house before the owner. Waiting time will cost more, so if possible, give the removals foreman a key.
checkbox_emptySmall problems – Try to have children and pets looked after by relatives or neighbours – you will have enough to do without worrying about what they’re up to.
checkbox_emptyChecking out – On the day, before you leave the house, check all the rooms to make sure nothing has been left behind. And remember, don’t leave the hall mirror!

We do hope you find this moving house checklist an excellent reference guide to making your house removals as smooth and organised as possible.

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